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I am a music producer who is still fairly new, but I'm trying my best to keep getting better. I like most song genres, and I also like to make video games.

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Posted by YoriYakuza - 5 days ago

Alright everyone, I have posted a total of 30 songs so far! I will continue to post songs, and improve on my work as well! thank you all for the support!

Posted by YoriYakuza - October 12th, 2021

Alright, everyone! I just finished my newest song. Its a final boss song, and its really good in my opinion. Check it out please!

NOTE: If anyone is interested, I am looking to put together a video game development team. I am mainly in search of artists and programmers for Game Maker Studio 2. If anyone is interested, please DM me - Okami#6056.

Posted by YoriYakuza - September 28th, 2021

WOO HOO!!! My BIG SHOT remix just passed 100 listens. LETS GOOOO!!!!! :D

EDIT: ALMOST 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by YoriYakuza - September 21st, 2021

AT LAST! All three Echo Mod songs are out! I know the layout might be confusing, so I'll specify down below

Song #1: XVI-Protocol

Song #2: System-Err0r


There may be more songs, maybe some secret ones or something, but as of now, this is all I have planned. Stay tuned everyone!

Posted by YoriYakuza - September 16th, 2021

Hellllllllooooo everyone!!! I have posted even more songs now, with one of them being the long awaited FNF Echo Mod's #3 song!!! I hope everyone is doing alright, with going back to school and all. Just remember, keep at it! I shall continue to make more songs and post them on here, and I hope that lots of people can get to hear my work! Until next time, everyone!

Posted by YoriYakuza - July 11th, 2021

Greetings, everyone. Since I last spoke, I have posted 2 more songs. One of them might be used in a game that I am in the process of making, and the other was just for fun. I hope everyone is doing alright, and enjoying all the great stuff that people post on here. It's amazing how creative people can be. But anyways, that's all that's new for now. Until next time!

Posted by YoriYakuza - June 25th, 2021

Hello, everyone. I am a music producer. I have been making music for about a year and a half, so I'm not exactly a professional, but I shall continue to improve on my skills. So far, I have only posted two songs, both of which I might use for a game that I am working on. Feel free to give me tips, so I can improve even more, and I hope everyone enjoys my work!